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    Dave Gaudet’s unique blend of comedy and infotainment has been a mainstay of corporate events all around the world… and Quebec. He is a creative consultant with over twenty-five years of experience as a host, comedian, writer, director and trainer. His versatility has made him a hit with audiences and a valuable resource to production companies and their creative directors.

    He combines all his talents to create customized solutions to deliver key messages in a highly entertaining environment. His knowledge and experience afford him the ability to promote a business’s culture while fostering communication throughout the company. His activations and performances have been documented in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Crain’s Business. He has also appeared on MTV, NBC, CBS, WGN and in numerous national commercials.

    Dave is the catalyst between the audience, the presenters, and the company’s directives. Whether it is a general session, tradeshow, or even a video presentation, his keen insight consistently affords him the ability to deliver real solutions. That’s why companies like Intel, AbbVie, Coca-Cola, IBM, Wells Fargo, Harley Davidson and many more continually rely on Dave to transform their events into interactive experiences.